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Formed by late singer Dave Lepard in 2000, Crashdïet was the first sleaze act to be signed to a major label in more than 10 years.
This blog is dedicated to Crashdïet, all eras and band members included.


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Lepard and London around 2002-2003. Dave&#8217;s wearing one of the first Crashdïet shirts design with gold colours and a picture with the first lineup. 
London back in the days, with the yellow/black Crashdïet backdrop
What are your favorite songs on The Savage Playground and why? :D Really curious to hear your thoughts

Just an internet madness…
But seriously, who was happier?

cute as hell!
“For those who met Dave Lepard, it was clear that he was one of the most intelligent and inspiring people you meet in life. In spite of releasing just one album, Dave’s music heritage is impressive. Not often does a debut album create such a stir within the hard rock community. The album “Rest in Sleaze” was the pride and joy for Dave, Martin, Eric and Peter.
When Dave was found dead in his home in January 2006, the world of hard rock stopped for a second. Even though his hard living was no secret this was a huge shock. Dave was a man who lived fast and died young just like the people in his songs.
This website is created with the deepest admiration for Dave. But also friendship and love.
Dave, you will be in our hearts forever. 
This touching message is from, a website created by Dave&#8217;s relatives and dedicated to his memory. 
// Fuckyeahcrashdïet &amp; Fuckyeahdavelepard
Small one but good one! Crashdïet back in the day.

London &amp; Lepard, back in the day.
CRASHDÏET demo from 2003. Only 500 copies of this EP were pressed. Here&#8217;s a picture of one of them, signed by all Crashdïet members. 
1. Gimme What I Need - 2. Out of Line - 3. Queen Obscene - 4. We Play It, You Scream It - 5. Miss Pain - 6. California White
Picture &amp; info from Crashdïet's biggest fanpage on Facebook.
Dave and Peter, probably rehearsing before a concert


Crashdïet - Breakin’ the chainz.
Love this song! 

It has been posted already indeed but we never get bored of seeing this one :)

Crashdïet behind the scenes of &#8216;Cocaine&#8217; video shoot