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Formed by late singer Dave Lepard in 2000, Crashdïet was the first sleaze act to be signed to a major label in more than 10 years.
This blog is dedicated to Crashdïet, all eras and band members included.


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Crashdïet “Chaos in Town advertisement for Sony Ericsson full version (2005)

Featuring: Dave Lepard, Martin Sweet, Peter London and Eric Young

Filmed in Malaysia. Song: Breakin’ The Chainz - Crashdïet

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Have you been to a CRASHDIET show lately? Share your stories of the worldwide SAVAGE PLAYGROUND tour 2013! It doesn’t matter if you just went to one date or many more, if you met the lads or just attended the show, we want to know your adventures (:

We’ll share them all, like a sort of “diary” so that the fans who couldn’t go can be a part of it too!

You can message your stories directly to us or post them under #CRASHDIET, we’ll check!

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Simon Cruz screaming his heart out in Malmö. Picture by access rock.
Click here for more pictures of this show.
Did you know…?
That while most musicians use a setlist, Dave Lepard sometimes used to write the songs he intented to play on his left arm. That way he could keep a track of what he was about to play no matter where he was on stage - and for us watching these on stage pictures years later, we know exactly what Crashdïet played that day.Here we can read at least: Knock ‘em Down, Queen O’, Out Of Line, Needle In Your Eyes, Tikket and Miss Pain.

Here’s also a live video from their signing session in Stockholm. A Fan filmed Crashdïet doing some songs from the new album as well as older classics.

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Mr Sweet finally posted an HQ version of the new California music video on their YouTube Channel! Here it is for you folks to enjoy

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So folks, now that The Savage Playground has been out more than a week, we’re dying to know something: What’s your favourite Crashdïet song EVER, all albums/singers mixed?

California Video

We can’t upload the video on here since it’s not on YouTube but for those of you wondering, the new Crashdïet video can be seen here ;)


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Dave Lepard rocking on stage back in the day.
Credit Henrik Lindberg - 2005
Behind the scenes of the new Crashdïet music video. What song do you think it’ll be for? What song do YOU want it to be for? 
What are your favorite songs on The Savage Playground and why? :D Really curious to hear your thoughts

Crashdïet photoshoot with Michael Johansson